Moving Tips From A Pro

In one point in our lives, we come to face the dilemma of moving. During this time, we need some useful tips to help us get a good start and eventually overcome the whole process. Who does not know the most about moving if not an experienced mover? We arranged a meeting with Tracey L. Muniz, a true relocation expert, who for 20 years has helped individuals move from one home to another. He gladly shared some great tips for people who are facing the deal of moving, hiring movers and even unpacking.

Hey, Tracey, in your opinion, how do you think we should move? Should we hire movers or do it by ourselves?

moving-boxAlthough I previously ran a moving company,  I still think you should decide depending on your budget. If you have a small household, it works just fine to have a few friends help with the move. But, if you’re a family that is busy and have a lot of stuff, then it saves both money and energy by opting for an apartment moving service.

But, how do you find a good moving company?

One should be careful with what comes up on the net. Unfortunately, there are many scams and frauds that offer low hourly rates and cash payments. Beware of them! You can get really fooled, things can be lost or broken. It may be a good idea to read up on different companies and, for example, look at other people’s references and testimonials.

Should you ask for a fixed price or run per hour?

If our customers want a fixed price, usually we do a an in-house estimate of the customer’s home to get an idea of how much stuff we’re dealing with.

Is it possible to fit all possessions in a moving van?

moverWell, lo and behold, it’s possible! Often it can fit a household goods of 100 sqm in a large moving truck. But ,then you should know that moving professionals utilize every last millimeter. Since it is important to pack it right so there would be no problems when it comes to meeting bumpy roads during the journey.

How do you move things in the new home smoothly?

Mark the boxes clearly for whichever room the stuff belongs to such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, etc. Then, we would have an idea would know where things should be placed in the new home. We recommend protecting floors – this is always an initiative a customer must do, so that there won’t be much damage when we will begin to move into things / furniture. As we move into the new house from a muddy field outside, movers are divided into two groups – one outside and one inside to avoid dragging in the dirt.

What happens after the move?

Often, the move is a very positive experience – moving to something you longed for. If you have prepared on time and packed correctly, tossed and sorted before you move in, it will be easier to unpack.